Mitsukoshi Takamatsu

Mitsukoshi Takamatsu
7-1 Uchimachi Takamatsu-shi
760-0034 Kagawa

Tel +81 87 825 0739

Tel 2 +81 3 3613 3188 (コールセンター)

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Mitsukoshi Takamatsu is a Chaumet retailer in Kagawa, welcoming you to present the different Chaumet collections.

Mitsukoshi Takamatsu offers you Chaumet jewels crafted from gold, platinum or diamonds... Rings, wedding bands, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings in Kagawa... Discover which one of these creations will enrapture you.

At Mitsukoshi Takamatsu, an approved retailer of Chaumet jewels, you will also find luxury watches in Kagawa: watches for women, diving watches, steel watches, mechanical movements.

Make you way to your approved retailer Mitsukoshi Takamatsu to discover our Chaumet jewellery and jewels in Kagawa.

  • Latitude 34.312346
  • Longitude 134.06125
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Mitsukoshi Takamatsu
7-1 Uchimachi Takamatsu-shi 760-0034 Kagawa